Booty bands are mini rubber resistance fitness bands that are used as part of a physical exercise to improve the performance of lower body parts exercises by adding an additional resistance. In terms of working out your arms at home, this can be an alternative to dumbbells as the resistance adds intensity to each rep. The booty bands are very durable and powerful as these bands are layered.

Glute Activation are exercises kind of like warm up, but it’s focused on ‘firing up’ or activating your glute muscles. Sitting all day results to our glutes becoming inactive, which is bad as it can lead to lower back pain and hip pain.

Since we have been on a COVID-19 quarantine, here are some of the best booty bands home workouts you can do to improve your shape, fire up your glutes, and forget the boredom.

Booty Band Single Arm Row

    1. Start with your left foot in front of the right
    2. Bent your left knee slightly
    3. Rest your left hand on your left thigh
    4. Put the Booty Band under the arch of your left foot
    5. Hold the other end with your right hand
    6. Pull the band up to the chest height, keep your elbow tucked closely to your side
    7. Return to start position


  1. Wear the band around above your knees
  2. Squat down, while keeping your back slightly arched. While doing so, push your thighs out
  3. Go back to the start position.

Bridge Thrust

  1. Wear the band just above your knees.
  2. Lie facing up, while bending your knees, arms by your side.
  3. While keeping your body relaxed, lift your hips as high as you can.
  4. Hold it for a few seconds while squeezing your glutes.


  1. Slowly bend over at the hips
  2. Pull yourself up to a standing position using your core and bum
  3. For a maximum booty gains, keep your glutes the entire time.

Note: If you feel pain in your lower back or knees, stop immediately and consult your physician.

Once you implement these booty band exercises into your routine, you’ll definitely notice a huge difference in your booty, as well as your glute strength. A stronger booty will make a difference in the effectiveness of every exercises you do.


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