Top 10 Best Nootropics for Gaming & eSports - 2018 Best Nootropics for Gamers

Nootropics can be very helpful for better mental abilities as they feature lots of brain-effective properties. Many professional e-sports teams such as “FaZe Clan” already developed their own health supplements for increased memory and overall brain functions. As Nootropics for Gamers are becoming more and more popular and being used by the wide population even gamers highly appreciate their benefits. However, nowadays nootropics help a lot of gamers to increase their video games skill and get better in games such as WOW, DOTA, Minecraft and more. Below we’ll be counting down a list of the 10 best nootropics for you

Top 10 Best Nootropics for Gamers


Nicotine comes from plants like tobacco and is a naturally occurring chemical. According to recent studies, nicotine can boost your attention and alertness because of its nootropic effect. You can consume nicotine through nicotine gum or a nicotine patch to improve your motor function. The chemical is also contained in cigarettes, but it is not recommended. Be careful with nicotine, because a very high dose can be fatal.


Caffeine is known and needed all over the world. It makes you less tired because the psychoactive substance blocks adenosine receptors. Caffeine increases activity in the brain and boosts your attention. The chemical can be found in coffee, energy drinks, soft drinks, and supplements.


Creatine is well known as a supplement in bodybuilding. Not everyone knows that it can be helpful for your brain. Creatine increases your mental energy because it binds with phosphate in your brain. The chemical boost affects your memory, resulting in an improvement of your short-term memory.  A 5g dose per day is recommended.


According to studies, the substance has a positive effect on your brain because it helps to shape and regain your memories faster. It also helps people with brain injuries. The medicament is able to accelerate the healing process of your brain cells.

Ginko Biloba

The use of Ginko Biloba may be helpful for your brain. It can improve your memory after several weeks of use. The substance is very useful for older people because it lowers high blood pressure and reduces stress. However, the extracts of Ginko Biloba are not well researched yet and some studies have not shown positive effects.


The substance acts like Noopept and improves memory. Nevertheless, studies and researches are needed to learn more about piracetam and its effects.


The medicament is used to treat patients with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder and narcolepsy. It contains amphetamines and is only available by prescription. More and more people taking Adderall to become more efficient. Even students are taking the substance to be more alert and attentive. Adderall can lead to heart attacks.


Studies have shown that the substance works like Noopept and heals injuries in the brain more quickly. The consumer of Phenotropil causes an improvement of memory.


Taking L-theanine can help you becoming more alert and relaxed at the same time. The amino acid is natural and is contained in tea but can also be found as a supplement. Some people take the substance in combination with caffeine to have a better effect.

Bacopa Monnieri

The herb improves the processing of information in the brain boosts memory. Bacopa monnieri only works after several months of consuming. The herb contains a substance called bacoside, which speeds up your reaction and reduces stress

DMHA (Octodrine)

Octodrine (DMHA) is the successor of DMBA. DMHA is commonly used by athletes to increase their energy level during workouts and to get a better focus. Taken around 30-40 Minutes before training, many bodybuilders also experience positive brain-effects such as better short-term memory or strategic thinking. As this effects would also be very helpful for E-Sports / Gamers DMHA can also be tried there. However, as DMHA (Octodrine) has been made for Athletes / Bodybuilders primarily you should start with very conservative dosages when testing it at gaming

Hack the Brain, not the Game

Overall we can say that every improvement of brain function will increase your gaming results in a positive way. These positive effects reach from focus & attention, working memory, mental energy, creativity, stress resistance and over many more fields. A better brain performance will ultimately determine your gaming success.

There are lots of brain-boosting nootropics which have various ingredients that promote a peak gaming performance.

Here are some benefits of brain-power increasing gaming-nootropics:

Increased Focus, smoother gameplay and faster reactions

Faster/better working short-term memory that will improve retracing of recent steps in gameplay.

A new level of Creativity will help you winning games. In today’s highly complex video games, especially at e-sport matches are multiple solutions you can go to reach the goal. However, you’ll be better at finding a way to reach the actual goal. It’s like solving puzzles, you’re increased creativity will help you even solving the hardest parts of video games.

Increased mental energy, better active thinking will be very helpful in marathon sessions, especially the late-night ones. Overall healthier brain-cells, causing a competitive boost.

More Strategic thinking some nootropics will help you increaseing your strategic thinking power. You’ll perform better at high-order cognitive processes like learning, memory and more.

Your Stress Resistance will get better. Clear and logical thinking most times, even in highly chaotic gaming scenarios. This will strenghten your brain’s resistance in many different aspects.

Thoughts on Nootropics for Gamers

Gaming & E-Sports Nootropics are a great way for all gamers to increase their cognitive functions, focus, attention, working memory, mental energy and be very helpful for strategic thinking. Some of them might even improve your creativity, what’s a huge advandage in today’s very complex videogames.


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  1. Hey Guys just wanted to thank you for this awesome post. During long overnight e-sports sessions i only used to support my brain by taking caffeine, coffee and energy drinks. As Energy Drinks are not that healthy i found out, i’m going to focus on the new nootropics you presented. I just tested L-Theanine. Works so good for me! When taking L-Theanine i feel releaxed and focused at the same time. This helps me a lot at overnight e-sport games. I professionally play Leage of Legends.

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  3. It was crazy how caffeine boosted my attention during long gaming sessions

    But i cant recommend dmha i mean using it for gym is fine but not for gaming or work.

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