How sugar destroys your health

Sugar is included in many foods and drinks today, even in products you wouldn’t expect. The high amount of sugar you are consuming involuntary might affect your body in a bad way. According to many studies, people in America have an average daily intake which is 9 times of the recommended daily dosage. High consumption of added sugars has been linked to various illnesses and diseases. More and more people over the world get affected by sugar in a bad way and suffer from chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity and much more because of their excessive sugar consumption on a daily basis. It can also lead to several brain diseases with bad consequences on long-term view. So it’s important to also have knowledge on the downsides of the sweet substance.

Side effects of excessive sugar consumption


The number of diabetes patients is increasing annually. A high amount of sugar intake on a daily basis might increase your risk of developing type-2/3 diabetes.  Sugar can disrupt your blood sugar levels and cause insulin resistance. Studies prove that one soft drink a day can increase your risk of diabetes.


A nutrition that’s high in sugar might also change your mood and cause depression on long-term view. According to studies, people that consume lots of the sweet substance have a higher chance of suffering from depression. We recommend a healthy and balanced diet.


It is known that sugar increases your weight gaining. The number of overweight people is decreasing every year. A high intake of fructose can interfere with your hunger sensation and cause leptin resistance. Foods with a high amount of sugar might cause obesity. Weight gain increases the risk of many diseases.


The high consumption of sugar can lead to cancer. Diseases like diabetes and obesity increase the risk of cancer. Sugar can also cause inflammation. Studies have proven that too much sugar can seriously harm your body and increase the risk of cancer.

Heart Disease

Studies have shown that much sugar increases the risk of heart disease by up to 40%. Very high risks for heart disease are diseases caused by sugar. High blood pressure, blood sugar levels, overweight and inflammation are caused by sugar and harm the heart. Soft drinks are particularly harmful because of their sugar content.


Sugar can damage your teeth when combined with a poor dental hygene. Residues of sweets on your teeth increase the chance of tooth decay because of bacteria in your mouth. Children are particularly affected. We recommend a regular visit to the dentist.

Excessive Sugar consumption might be linked to low libido

High sugar levels can disrupt your circulation and lead to impotence. Studies have shown that sugar can affect your sex life because it can lead to erectile dysfunction. Hormones that are released by sugar can reduce your desire for sexual intercourse.

Worse skin quality

Sugar creates harmful molecules called “AGEs” (advanced glycation end products) in your bloodstream that cause your skin age faster. They destroy protein walls that keep your skin taut.

Decrease of liver functions

Fructose is almost only broken down by the liver. The liver can be overwhelmed and take damage becautse of too much fructose in your sugar. Large amounts can lead to fatty liver. Daily consumption of sugary drinks increases the risk of a fatty liver by 56%. Your liver can also become resistant to insulin and lead to diabetes.

How sugar might affect your Brain in a negative way

Your Brain loves sugar because it releases dopamine. Other foods cannot release as much dopamine as sugar. That’s why many people rather grab to candy than fruit. However, it leads to an increased consumption of sugar.

Sugar Consumption – What you should do now

The fact is that sugar can be highly harmful. The recommended daily dose of sugar is about 37.5 grams for men and 25 grams for women. Any amount above might harm your health and can lead to very dangerous side effects over time. People that already suffer from diabetes or obesity should reduce their sugar intake to a maximum of 15 grams per day. Sugary food and drinks should be consumed wisely. Sweet drinks should be avoided, it is better to just drink water. However, we strongly recommend a well-balanced and healthy diet in combination with fitness to lower your risk of developing illnesses.

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