Will Phenibut get banned?

Phenibut is a highly addictive central nervous system depressant. It’s still legal in lots of countries as very helpful brain enhancement “nootropic” (actually no real nootropic, even if described as nootropic because in my opinion, you should never take it more than two days in a row) or supplement. However, because it’s very addictive it might be banned in the United States and other countries in the following months.

When following the nootropic bloggers on the internet you’ll notice that Phenibut is getting more and more popular.

Phenibut Formula
Phenibut Formula

Even the main-stream media now started reviewing Phenibut. Just watch the video below to check out the Investigation of “The Doctors” on YouTube.

People have always been looking for an edge, however, Phenibut supplements might provide your brain and it’s memory some extra cognitive power.

Where Phenibut is actually from

Phenibut was created by Russian scientists for cosmonauts that were part of the Russian space program to reduce their stress and promote healthy sleep in space. It seemed to work well for them as Phenibut is being prescribed as social anxiety medication in several east-European countries such as Russia, Ukraine or Latvia.

Because people all over the world look for a way to increase their life quality, power, and live in full-throttle every moment Phenibut is used by athletes, coaches, and business people to increase their cognitive performance and memory.

Phenibut High

All begins when Phenibut binds to your GABA receptors in the brain after crossing the blood-brain barrier. This will reduce anxiety, promote relaxation, social ease and pain relief. While doing this the substance seems to not reduce your body performance like alcohol what would lower the acuteness of motor skills. Because alcohol and phenibut are binding to the same receptors (GABA) you should never mix these two substances.

What Phenibut does in your brain

Phenibut is a synthetic aromatic amino acid, a derivate of the GABA neurotransmitter. Phenibuts half-life time is about 5.3 hours, according to Wikipedia. So to keep a specific Phenibut level-up to 4 doses per day might be required what causes a very high risk of addiction. Phenibut crosses the blood-brain barrier and activates your GABA-receptors.

Phenibut high positive effects

A Phenibut high can take your fears away while keeping your motoric skills and for some people even increase brain functions. So it’s effect is similar to alcohol but you’re not going to lose control over your motoric skills. That’s the main reason why it’s highly addictive, especially when used on long-term medications.

Dangerous Side Effects of Phenibut

Because there’ve not been that many studies on the long-term side-effects of Phenibut you should be very careful when taking it as some of this substances side-effects might not be discovered yet. According to many sources on the internet Phenibut might be linked to liver damage. However, I didn’t find studies on that so feel free to comment down below if you have found some that proof the liver-damage link of Phenibut. Several people also experienced hangover-like effects on the next day after taking a too high dose.

Horrible Phenibut Withdrawal Symptoms

When browsing through the internet looking for “Phenibut withdrawal” you’re about to find some stories that explain very bad withdrawal effects after abusing Phenibut which are similar to benzodiazepine withdrawals.

Always keep in mind that when Phenibut is used at a low dosage and not more than two days it’s possible that you won’t experience any withdrawal symptoms. All of those horrible withdrawal stories I read on the internet were basically the effects of long-term phenibut abuse.

Don’t use it just because it’s legal

Because phenibut is a potent chemical that will affect your body in several ways you should not take it at too high doses or too often. If you follow the recommended dosages when taking Phenibut you might experience no side effects by stopping to take it. NEVER TAKE PHENIBUT ON A DAILY BASIS! It’s no actual Nootropic because it can really be dangerous for your health.

Do you remember the teenagers in Australia that purchased Phenibut powder in bulk? It lead to an overdose of this substance. So if you or your ancestors have a history of addiction to substances you should consider not taking Phenibut.

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