What Trypophobia is - Trypophobia Test

Again and again, strange images appear on social media platforms that scare many people around the world. These photos only show skin pores or seed pods, but people get in a panic. The phenomenon trypophopia has been circulating on the internet since 2003 and more and more people becoming unsettled. But what does that mean?

What is Trypophobia?

Trypophobia is the fear of many small holes on a surface. People become very uncomfortable and get into a fearful state when they see a large number of closely spaced holes. Triggers of phobia can be things from everyday life or nature, such as foam or honeycombs.
Not much is known about the phobia. Unfortunately, there are only a few studies and researches that deal with the subject of trypophobia. However, the opinions are split and it is not officially recognized as a phobia. More research is needed to understand as there’ve not been that many studies on this topic so far.

What are the Trypophobia triggers?

Most trypophobia triggers come from nature. That can be corals, honeycombs, seed pods or animals with a dark spotted skin. Various triggers can be also found in everyday life. According to affected people, symptoms of trypophobia can be caused by showerheads, bubbles, skin pores, sponges or food like strawberries, pomegranates or cheese.

Symptoms of Trypophobia

Symptoms appear when an affected person sees a large number of holes. Most people with trypophobia react with anxiety and discomfort. Other symptoms can be nausea, sweating, goosebumps and panic attacks. The triggers make you feel very uncomfortable and can lead to sleep disorders. There are cases of people that suffered from vision problems. The eyes are straining. There are cognitive-related reactions, skin-related reactions and physiological reactions.

How to cure Trypophobia?

If you think you are suffering from Trypophobia, come to rest and relax. We recommend talking to family or friends about it. If you suffer from severe symptoms, you can also consult a doctor, because a phobia can also be treated. The doctors will ask you about your symptoms to find a suitable therapy. Phobias are most commonly treated with exposure therapy because the therapy tries to change your response and reduces your anxiety. The same therapy might also work for people suffering from Trypophobia.

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  1. Trypophobia is so funny in my opinion. My brother used to scare me by showing Trypophobia skin pictures all the time and messaging them to me on messenger. I personally get no triggers of it, i can watch at these pictures and notice nothing. You might react differently to it xD let me know guys


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